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Restore Your Beautiful Complexion

We invite you to contact the professionals at Vohra Skin Clinic to learn what steps you can take to protect your beautiful complexion. We can also discuss simple and non-surgical procedures that can significantly reverse the signs of premature aging and help you maintain your youthful appearance.


Maintaining Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a sure sign of a well-cared-for body. As the largest organ of the body, your skin performs several vital functions, securing your internal organs and regulating your body’s systems. Acting as a protective barrier against the elements in the environment, healthy skin also retains moisture, regulates your body temperature and provides us with a sense of touch. If properly treated and maintained, your skin will remain in relatively good condition throughout your life.

Skin is basically composed of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis. The epidermis is the outermost layer and is mainly composed of cells. This is the “skin” we actually see with the naked eye. We can ensure the health of the epidermis by regulating the sloughing of dead cells through proper cleansing and moisturizing methods.

The dermis is the middle layer of skin. Fibers, which determine the elasticity, firmness and strength of our skin, lie here as well as living cells and blood vessels.

The subcutis acts as a cushion for the top layers of skin. It is composed of fat cells and sweat glands, which aid in the regulation of body temperature.


Taking Care Of Your Skin

The health of your skin depends on many factors. These include genetics, environmental hazards, diet and personal habits. By taking a few simple steps, you can dramatically reduce the stress placed on your skin and improve its appearance and overall physical condition.

A few important tips to remember:

  • Clean Your Skin: It is important to keep the skin healthy with gentle cleansing. This process removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other unwanted particles. Do not over wash the skin, as this may lead to dryness and irritation.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizing helps the skin retain water, making dryness less likely. The most effective time to moisturize is directly after a bath or shower.
  • Limit your sun exposure: The sun can cause severe damage to the skin, so it is important to keep yourself covered whenever possible. When outside, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to exposed parts of the body. The face, neck and hands should be protected daily. Do not sunbathe or use artificial tanning devices (tanning beds).
  • Don’t smoke: The dangers of cigarettes are well known, however smoking also causes damage to the fibers within the skin which in turn reduces elasticity and firmness causing wrinkles. They literally make you look older than you are.
  • Eat Right: Enough can’t be said about good nutrition. Eating the right food and drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin and makes you look and feel healthy.

Vohra Skin Clinic helps you  to best replenish and maintain the beautiful complexion of your youth.


Sun Damage & Aging Skin

There is no better feeling than warmth of the sun on your skin. However, research has proven that exposure to the sun without the proper protection can be very harmful to the long-term health of your skin. In fact, 90% of the visible signs of premature aging can be directly associated to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Without adequate protection from the sun’s rays, even the normally elastic skin around your mouth which allows you to laugh and yawn can begin to show permanent “laughter lines.” And because it is easy to neglect the use any type of sunscreen protection around the neck area, prominent wrinkles often appear and can make you look much older.

Even those who remember to take some precautions in the early spring and summer months, may tend to forget that the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays are equally as strong in the Fall and Winter and also on cloudy days and  can still cause damage to skin.

Aside from the stigma of sun-damaged skin such as wrinkles and pigmented spots which can make you appear older, sun damage can be a very serious matter and can increase the risk of skin cancers.There are many options available that can stop the harmful damage caused by the sun.

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